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RS-Series for Evolution X

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Introducing three new high performance 2nd Generation stock frame turbocharger products for the Mitsubishi Evolution X market.

In true RS-Series style, three ultra light 9-blade turbines were coupled with ceramic ball bearings and high efficiency, high mass flow 9 blade compressor wheels.


Intense Evo X 5353RS GEN II 600hp

Tuned for factory boost response, improved transient response and plus 30 percent performance over the OEM turbo unit.

Intense Evo X 5556RS GEN II 675hp

Larger compressor and turbine options reduce exhaust manifold pressure and improve power at the same boost. Plus 40 percent performance over OEM turbo unit.

Intense Evo X 5960RS GEN II 750hp

Our largest compressor and turbine pairing for all out performance in OEM housings. For serious boost and power.


Utilising Intense ASG compressor technology - we tune and optimise compressor blade geometry on each product size for the intended engine and its dynamics.

Low inertia design focus creates high mass flow wheels that produce a fast responding turbocharger.

Intense RS-Series for Evolution X delivers high response and exceptional standard frame performance.

The latest Evolution X RS-Series products are available through Intense Turbo distributors in March 2020.

Innovation. Performance. Go different.

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