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New R-Series ‘Plus’ Turbos

Introducing three all-new high performance, fast response turbochargers to the R-Series.


Intense 5530R+ 3rd Generation - 725hp

Intense 5930R+ 3rd Generation - 825hp

Intense 5958R+ 3rd Generation - 875hp

The combination of improved compressor geometry and two new ultralight 9-blade turbine options deliver never before seen power potency in a turbocharger this size.

84 trim 9-blade 55mm R55+ turbine wheel for maximass flow and unparalleled performance.

Larger 82 trim 9-blade 58mm R58+ turbine wheel option for even higher performance in the same compact frame.


Ultra low inertia.

Lightweight turbine and compressor wheels deliver the lowest rotating group inertia we’ve ever packaged in turbo this size. Down over 40 percent from previous generation turbochargers.

High efficiency.

Optimised compressor and diffuser tuning produce wide efficiency islands and surge free performance for maximum torque and power on a range of engine sizes.

High performance.

Great compressor and turbine dynamics generate exceptional exhaust to intake pressure ratios - delivering high engine VE and improving knock thresholds.

Innovation. Performance. Go Different.

Intense R+ turbochargers are available at all Intense Turbo distributors from March 2020.


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