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RS-Series For Evolution 4-9

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Exceptional performance usually comes with strings attached. Not any more.

We’ve designed the RS-series for Evolution 4-9 in three sizes with only pure performance in mind.

The full range of turbos utilise reliable, cage-less dual ceramic ball bearings, Intense ASG optimised compressor wheels and ultra low inertia 9 blade turbine wheels for maximum performance.


This 2nd Generation product saw the introduction of mixed flow turbine stage to RS-Series. Coupled with the OEM 10.5cm asymmetrical twin scroll turbine housing, these high performance turbocharger units are optimised for a range of engines including street, targa rally and outright horsepower.

Intense 5353RS GEN II 575hp

Our class leading street response turbo, for factory turbo dynamics and plus 30 percent performance across the board.

Intense 5556RS GEN II 625hp

Designed and tested on both stock block and built engines pushing over 600hp with exceptional response and torque output. Plus 50 percent percent over largest OEM turbo unit.

Intense 5960RS GEN II 725hp

The ultimate stock frame power adder, developed to redefine what’s possible from stock location factory size turbochargers. Tested to deliver over 40psi boost and 700hp+ in a range of applications whilst retaining great street manners.

RS-Series for Evolution 4-9 is Redefining Expectations.

Innovation. Performance. Go different.


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