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We stand for new and exciting. You never thought this performance was possible before - but now it is. Only true innovation raises the bar. Innovation is #inourDNA

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Intense Turbo Pty Ltd is a highly innovative turbocharger engineering company with a growing range of OEM upgrade and motorsport application turbochargers. Using an in-house concept to production model, each of our products aims to deliver specifically three main objectives - namely - exceptional longevity, the latest technology and maximum performance.


There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Intense Turbo to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below. Keep reading to learn the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to do business with us.

Cageless - Full Complement + Angular Contact Ceramic Ball Bearing Technology

Intense ball bearing turbochargers utilise the latest in turbocharger bearing technology designed for the maximum load bearing capacity with the lowest friction. Our turbos deliver market leading transient response. 

Three Dimensional blade geometry, point milled from solid alloy

We use the latest compressor wheel and CNC machining technology to develop maximum compressor efficiency for the widest pressure and mass flow ranges.

High Temperature Superalloy Turbine  materials rated to 950-1050 degrees Centigrade

The highest grade materials ensure we can design lightweight, low inertia turbine wheels whilst maintaining service life under high duty operation.

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Universal Application
(850 - 2000HP)

High performance all billet alloy bearing housings utilising oil and water cooling. Designed with big bearings to service big boost, high heat, high load applications reliably. This is our premium universal application turbochager range.


Universal Application

Our universal application performance range utilising an oil and water cooled ceramic ball bearing bearing housing, GEN II compressor wheels with 3D blade aerodynamics and superalloy turbine wheels. Available as Intense Turbo drop-in supercore upgrades to fit a range of popular turbine housing options in '30' and '35' size. 

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Standard Location

The RS-Series is our highest performance standard location, standard replacement bolt-on turbocharger. Utilising a robust full complement angular contact ceramic ball bearing system, compressor wheels with 3D aerodynamics and high temperature superalloy turbine wheels. Application specific compressor and turbine specs ensure the quickest transient performance and highest power output on the market - Guaranteed.

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